Encrypted connection.
InputStick uses encrypted Bluetooth connection. Protocol allows to use additional AES-128 encryption (CBC mode) and authentication to prevent unauthorized person from using InputStick as a wireless keyboard/mouse to get access to your PC.
Only necessary permissions.
InputStickUtility application requires following permissions:
  • Bluetooth Admin -  turn Bluetooth power on/off,

  • Bluetooth – connect to InputStick,

  • Vibrate – to notify user about removing InputStick form USB port (option).

InputStickUtility is not allowed to send any data using the Internet.
Does InputStick store any data(like typed text)?
- No. InputStick hardware nor InputStickUtility application NEVER saves any data that it sends to your USB host.
- Just like in case of physical keyboard: nothing can be recovered after it is unplugged
Can someone intercept keys being typed with InputStick?
- It is theoretically possible, like with any other radio interface. If you use InputStick for typing sensitive data (like passwords), you should enable additional AES-128 encryption



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