Do I have to install any software/drivers on my PC? Is any configuration required?

- No. Your OS should use generic drivers for USB HID input devices. Usually no configuration is required, just like in case of generic USB keyboard/mouse. Your PC is not aware of Bluetooth interface, so no there is no need for any Bluetooth-related configuration on your PC.

- OS X will ask you to "press key next to left shift" in order to identify keyboard layout, when InputStick is plugged in for the very first time. You can do this using USBRemote application

- You can configure standard keyboard/mouse options: repeat delay, repeat rate, sensitivity - just like in case of physical keyboard/mouse devices.

- Note: always make sure that keyboard layout set in InputStick-compatible applications is the same as used by your PC.


Can I use both InputStick and my physical keyboard/mouse at the same time?

- Yes. Most platforms support multiple keyboard and mouse devices. You can 100% verify this by plugging additional generic USB keyboard/mouse.



Does InputStick store any data(like typed text)?

- No. InputStick hardware nor InputStickUtility application NEVER saves any data that it sends to your USB host.

- Just like in case of physical keyboard: nothing can be recovered after it is unplugged


It takes a long time before device is ready to use. [Windows]

- Most likely Windows is using Windows Update to perform online search for drivers. Next time InputStick is plugged into the same USB port it should be recognized immediately.


Some of the text is not typed

- Most likely you have to set the keyboard layout to the keyboard layout used by the PC. Go to Settings and change the keyboard layout laguage there.


Can someone intercept keys being typed with InputStick?

- It is theoretically possible, like with any other radio interface. If you use InputStick for typing sensitive data (like passwords), you should enable additional AES-128 encryption



How to enable encryption/password protection?

- InputStickUtility -> My devices -> more -> Security (padlock icon) -> Connect -> Password protection.

- It will be necessary to provide the password on every device that connects to the InputStick device! InputStickUtility will store the password.


What if I forget my InputStick password?

- You can restore factory defaults with following procedure:

1.Plug InputStick into USB port, *** Important: use Windows PC! ***

2.Wait until device is recognized

3.Press CapsLock key 20 times (use physical keyboard)

4.Remove InputStick from USB port

Steps 1-3 must be completed within 30s, success will be confirmed by toggling keyboard LEDs.


Device is locked - what does this mean?

- Password protection and other sensitive settings can be changed only if connection is established within 30 seconds after plugging InputStick into USB port.

- If you get this message, removed InputStick from USB port, plug it again and reconnected within next 30 seconds.

- This mechanism prevents someone else from remotely setting password protection if you leave your device it in USB port. Standard functionality (typing) is not affected.



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