Aefflux for Android


The Aefflux Dictation Remote app allows your Android device to type text and use speech recognition directly to your PC. Developed for and used in the daily medical practice.


  • dictation through your device’s speech recognition,
  • dictate your text on the go and type it out later using the Recording function,
  • quickly perform consecutive actions or type standard text using the Macro function,
  • control your PC’s media,
  • use your phone as a remote for your presentations.


  • Android 4.3 or later,
  • Bluetooth 4.0,
  • Aefflux InputStick wireless USB receiver,
  • InputStickUtility application (free).


Google Play download.


Application overview:


The Type button will type all text in the current field (turn on Type in real time to type as you dictate)
The Save button will save your current text as a recording (see recording(link))
The Paste button will paste what is on your clipboard to the text field
The Erase button will delete what was last typed
The Clear button will clear you current text field

"Replace words + Dictionary"
Use this function (Settings -> Replace words) to replace words or sentences with other sentences.
This allows you to correct consistent errors from the speech recognition software.
You can also use it for shortphrases (for instance saying “end of letter” to type “with kind regards, Your Name, your function, you contact information etc.”)



Use this to store text for later transfer to a PC.
Use this while walking, while commuting or whenever you have time but not your PC.

Store text by using the Save function in the Type tab
You can later edit these texts from the Record tab
You can type / delete them individually or altogether.



Macros are a set of consecutive actions or texts, that can be recorded and then executed to automatize common tasks.

Possible uses:

  • use it to type a standard text,
  • use it to quickly start applications,
  • use it to log on or off from your workstation,
  • many more applications...

Creating a Macro:

  • press the + button on the bottom,
  • type the name of the macro,
  • use the + button to add extra functions, the first command will be executed first followed by the second followed by the third etc. Use delays so the computer can keep up.



Media control and presentation remote with timer.



main main main

main main main



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